I am a paper artist,
set designer and
photographer based
in Barcelona.

My passion is crafting stories, concepts, visual spaces,
and expressing myself through paper, photography and
animation. I use different techniques to convey messages
and currently, I work mostly with paper.

Agueda Peña
Agueda Peña

This project started after creating some paintings for someone very special and filling her room with colour and life.

There is nothing more beautiful than giving something special
and unique to those we love the most. I thought it would be
a good idea to offer others that opportunity as well.
If you would like to give away something even more unique,
contact me, as I also create personalised paintings.

Each piece is made with great care and dedication. I choose the materials carefully so that the pieces remain in perfect condition over time.

The preparation time varies depending on the artwork, but I promise to have each painting ready for shipment within 7 working days.
It is also possible to make an express order for an additional charge, the quality will not be compromised.

Custom paintings will take longer as the designs will have to be prepared and once approved, cut and assembled.
If you have an idea or sketch please contact me and I will send you a quote without any commitment.

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